AOR Pro Green Tea, 120 Capsules



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AOR Pro Green Tea, 120 Capsules
Healthy Aging, Weight Loss, Cellular Protection.
AOR’s pro green tea extract is standardized to contain EGCG. This matches human clinical studies, which were also done with a small amount of caffeine that synergistically improves EGCg’s effects.

EGCg in green tea has helped to promote normal cell growth and development, which is particularly beneficial in cases of aberrant cell growth. The extract also is an excellent antioxidant, protecting cells from free radical damage, while also having anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging effects. It has been effectively able to block IgE and histamine release in vitro, making supplementation useful in allergies, detoxification, and weight loss protocols.

PRO Green Tea has the highest standardization for EGCg to support long-term antioxidant supplement regimens. Just three capsules of AOR’s PRO Green Tea equals up to 10 cups of sencha green tea.
Recommended Uses
To equate the EGCg consumption of the best Japanese studies, take 1 Capsule three times daily with food.

Nutrition Facts


Per 1 Capsule Amount per Serving
Green Tea leaf extract
Total Catechins
455 mg
Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg)
315 mg
Epicatechin gallate (ECg)
75 mg
Epigallocatechin (EGC)
30 mg
Epicatechin (EC)
35 mg
0≤ 14 mg

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Ascorbyl Palmitate, Sodium Stearyl Fumarate. Capsule: Hypromellose

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