Harmonic Arts Kidney Klear 75g

harmonic arts


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Calming and cooling to inflamed water ways of the body.


Uva Ursi*, Hibiscus*, Juniper Berry*, Cornsilk*, Cleavers* , Birch Leaf*
*Certified Organic by EcoCert

**This product may contain peanut shell remnants


Hot water is poured over herbs and allowed to steep for 5-10 mins.  Strain and serve.  Strength is determined by the amount of herb used, typically 1-2 tsp per 500ml of water. Can also be left to steep overnight for a cold infusion.


Uva Ursi - Kidney supportive, helps with inflammation of the urinary tract.
Hibiscus - Cooling to the urinary tract.
Juniper Berry - Helps ease urinary tract infections by balancing urine chemistry.
Cornsilk - Soothing to the urinary tract and the prostate, helpful in case of kidney stones.
Cleavers - Eases water retention.
Birch leaf - Flushes out the urinary tract, balances blood chemistry.


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