Enoch Nu Energy Prune Drink 500ml



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Enoch's Nu-Energy Organic Prune Extract is a tasty elixir extracted from the dried fruit of the plum tree. Each serving is loaded with vitamins and minerals ideal for those looking to increase energy and improve stamina.

Organic prune extract also helps to stimulate bowel movement and prevents constipation. An important component in prune is potassium - an essential mineral to help prevent high blood pressure and protects against atherosclerosis. There is a multitude of health benefits associated with prune extract to help you get you through your busy day!

Each daily serving (45ml) contains:
Calcium 16.51mg
Boron  3.96mg
Iron 0.31mg
Magnesium 18.24mg
Phosphorus 28.45mg
Potassium 327.11mg
Sodium 21mg
Zinc 0.23mg
Copper 0.03mg
Manganese 0.07mg
Selenium 0.27mg

Beta Carotene  6.12IU
Vitamin C   0.33mg
Vitamin E 0.35IU
Vitamin B1 0.007mg
Vitamin B2  0.032mg
Vitamin B3   0.353mg
Vitamin B5   0.048mg
Vitamin B6   0.098mg

Mix 1 tbsp (15ml) in warm water, 3 times daily.

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