Attitude Laundry Stain Remover Little Ones 475ml



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Ever wondered why babies spill so much? It takes them 14 months to develop the hand-eye coordination needed to feed themselves with a spoon! No matter how many times they spill, embrace these delightfully dirty discoveries and keep your child’s clothing looking new with ATTITUDE Nature + Technology™ Concentrated Baby Stain Remover — Fragrance-Free. Using only natural, efficient and hypoallergenic ingredients, our vegan and ECOLOGO Certified formula is safe for your baby’s skin — and the environment!

Each ml contains:
<5% Vegetable non-ionic surfactants (myristyl glucoside, lauryl glucoside). Contains also : Aqua / water / eau, alcohol / alcool, zinc ricinoleate, sodium iminodisuccinate.

Spray fabric until slightly damp. This is a fragrance-free product to eliminate and/or reduce odors, depending on their intensity. For a noticeable scent, use one of our scented products. DO NOT use on fabrics that water spot. Avoid spraying on finished wood surfaces. Always check for special instructions. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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