Naturiste Cure 2, 3 Week Cleanse 21 Vials



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Cure 2 is a high quality detoxifying treatment that deeply cleanses the liver, kidneys and the digestive system in general. The herbal remedies selected for this product are excellent for detoxifying the body's filtration system and helping to get rid of bloating, excess acidity, poor digestion, and toxins. The human body is equipped with organs that perform the functions of elimination but when the functions are overwhelmed with excess, our body can no longer eliminate all the toxins. Cure 2 will help to perform a deep cleansing especially of the liver and kidneys. Our unique formulation is composed of three plants whose purifying qualities have been the subject of scientific research. There is an optimal dose of black radish, milk thistle and premium birch leaves.

Hepatoprotective / Protector of the liver;

Relieves digestive disorders / dyspepsia;

Effective diuretic.

Each ml contains:

2.25 ml Organic Black Radish Juice

2.25 ml aqueous extract of Milk Thistle equivalent to 4000 mg of dried fruits)

2.25 ml aqueous extract of Birch equivalent to 4000 mg of dried leavess)

Oral adult: 1 ampoule, once a day. Mix in a glass of water or juice.
Diuretic: For occasional use only. Liver function support: use for at least 3 weeks to see beneficial effects

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