Organic Traditions Latte - Turmeric with Saffron and Probiotic 150g

Organic Traditions


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Inspired by the classic Ayurvedic Golden Milk, our Turmeric Latte with Probiotics is a blend of whole, dried turmeric root, supercritical dual extract turmeric, saffron and dual extract ginger and cinnamon. Lightly sweetened with coconut palm sugar with a coconut milk powder base, enjoy an instant turmeric latte by blending together 1 tbsp of our latte mix with 6oz of hot water. 

We've also added 1 billion heat and shelf stable probiotics to help nourish your gut microbiome with every sip!

  • Instant delicious Ayurvedic golden milk
  • 1 billion probiotics per serving
  • Health alternative to tea or coffee
  • Dairy free
  • Made with coconut milk

    Each gram contains:
    Coconut milk powder, Coconut palm sugar, Turmeric powder, sea salt, ginger extract powder, cinnamon extract powder, turmeric extract powder, bacillus coagulans, black pepper powder, vanilla flavour, saffron powder


    • add Ashwagandha or any other adaptogen for added benefits
    • Can also be enjoyed over ice, for an iced latte!

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