East Bali Tropical Fruits Granola Bites 125g

East Bali Cashews


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A perfectly balanced mix of our Island’s beloved flavors. Clusters of puffed Balinese red rice, creamy wild-harvested cashews, mellow papaya and a zing of sun-ripened pineapple, all sweetened to a treat with natural lontar nectar tapped straight from a plam tree

Each gram contains:
Rolled Oats, Cashew Nuts (17%), Red Rice, Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, Cane Sugar, Lontar Syrup, Cassava Syrup, Coconut, Papaya (5%), Arenga Fruit, Sesame Seeds, Pineapple (4%), Sea Salt, Sesame Oil, Dried Red Beans, Fermented Cassava, Vanilla Flavoring, Lime Juice
Contains: Cashews, Oats, Sesame Seeds

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