Aura Cacia Wild Chamomile Essential Oil 15 ml

Aura Cacia


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Wild chamomile is not a true chamomile, but shares chamomile's soothing qualities and is ideal for sensitive skin care applications. Its fresh, herbaceous aroma helps balance the changes that take place during menopause.

Botanical Name: Ormenis multicaulis
Origin: Morocco

Sourcing Notes: Aura Cacia's wild chamomile truly is wild--wild-crafted in Morocco, that is! Wild-crafting is heavily regulated by the government in Morocco to protect the long-term sustainability of wild-crafted botanicals. The harvest occurs in May and June and the collected product is almost immediately steam distilled. The spent material from the distillation process is provided to local farmers for fertilizer.

Processing Notes: Essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of flower heads.

Each ml contains:
Ormenis multicaulis (wild chamomile) oil.

Relaxing Diffusion:  5 drops each wild chamomile and lavender, 1/4 c. water in a candle lamp diffuser.

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