Orange Naturals Sage Tincture 100ml

Orange Naturals


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Are hot flashes making you sweat? Then throw a bottle of Sage in your purse and keep your cool wherever you are! Recent research shows this herb may also sharpen one’s memory – now that is truly cool.

•Excellent source of antioxidants
•Reduces excessive sweating or perspiration
•Reduce hot flashes or night sweats associated with menopause
•Relieves upset stomach and flatulence
•Supports memory

Each ml contains:
1,000mg of organically grown Sage leaves (Salvia officinalis). It is a 1:1 leaf extract.

Non-Medicinal Ingredient:
40% gluten-free grain alcohol and purified water.

Adults: Take 1ml, 3 times per day on an empty stomach. Consult a healthcare practitioner for prolonged use

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