Boiron Coryzalia Infant Cold Relief 30 Doses



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Cold: Sneezing, nasal congestion and runny nose
Coryzalia® soothes cold symptoms in children and babies aged 1 month to 6 years.

The average child comes down with six to eight colds a year. Looking for an effective way to alleviate their symptoms and make them feel better fast? Look no further than Coryzalia®.

Specially formulated for children and babies aged 1 month and older, Coryzalia® relieves sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose and low-grade fever due to cold. Parents and children alike will appreciate the ready-to-use, sterile water-based unit-doses, which are faster and easier to administer than ever. No mixing, no measuring, no fuss! And because they’re a cinch to tote, they’re a must for your travel bag as well as your home medicine cabinet.

Homeopathic medicine used for the relief of colds and cold symptoms, nasal congestion, runny nose, acute rhinitis, recurrent, infectious or allergic.

Each dose contains:
Allium Cepa 3CH
Belladonna 3CH
Gelsemium Sempervirens 3CH
Kalium Bichromicum 3CH
Pulsatilla 3CH
Sabadilla 3CH

1 unit-dose, administered orally, 3 times per day. Reduce with improvement. Keep the remaining unit-doses in the aluminum pouch. Child must swallow the medicine.

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