Green Foods Chlorella 200mg 300 Tablets

Green Foods


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Despite being a single celled algae, organic chlorella is one of the most nutrient dense, 100% natural supplements containing protein, vitamin A (beta carotene), Vitamin C, B Vitamins, iron, chlorophyll and chlorella growth factor.

•One of the world’s oldest ‘whole foods’ supplements
•Broken Cell Wall, Increased Bioavailability: our special method of breaking the cell wall, at low
temperature under low lighting allows the nutrients to remain intact and available for absorption.
•Taking Organic Chlorella on a daily basis may improve overall health and wellness, boost energy and immunity, encourage detoxification, and aid in digestion.†

Each tablet contains:
Organic Chlorella (vulgaris)

Take 10 to 15 tablets daily. For those that may have sensitive digestive systems, start at a smaller dose and gradually increase over time.

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