Minami Nutrition MorDHA Mini 30 Softgels

Minami Nutrition


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MorDHA Mini provides your body with all the DHA it needs to successfully help build up the brain and eyes. The capsule size has been reduced making it much easier to swallow. Thes capsules can also be chewed or opened and mixed with food, and have nofishy aftertaste. Unlike other fish oil products MorDHA Mini has a delicious strawberry taste everyone loves.

DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function and normal vision with a daily intake of minimum 250 mg DHA.

Two softgel contains:
Min. 333 mg. omega-3, of wich   50 mg. EPA
                                                    250mg. DHA

•Adult: 2 softgel capsules a day
•Children from 3 years old: 1 softgel capsule a day

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