Aromaforce® Clove essential oil 15 ml



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Parasites, infections, anesthetic, analgesic.
•Origin: Indonesia
•Plant Part: Bud
•Principal Constituents: Eugenol
•Warm, spicy and sweet odour
•Used in the making of toothpastes, soaps and perfumes.
Do not use around pregnant women or animals even in a diffuser. Heptoxic. Use sparingly.

Each ml contains:
Plant part: flower bud
Principal constituent(s): Eugenol

Mix up to 9 drops of essential oil in 15 ml of base oil for safe topical use.
Do not use during pregnancy. Keep away from animals. Use sparingly. Do not apply on hypersensitive skin and children under 2 years of age. Do not ingest essential oils. For external use only.

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