Innate Men Over 40™ One Daily Iron Free 60 Tablets



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  • FoodState® B vitamins support healthy energy production, nervous system health, and a healthy cardiovascular function*
  • Zinc to support healthy prostate function*
  • 400 IU (10mcg) of vitamin D supports healthy bones*
  • Iron-free formula

Each tablet contains:
Vitamin C  60mg
Niacinamide   20mg
Vitamin E 12mg
Pantothenic Acid 10mg
Vitamin B1  4mg
Vitamin B2 3mg
Vitamin B6 3mg
Beta-Carotene 1350mcg
Folate 400mcg
Biotin 80mcg
Vitamin K1  15mcg
Vitamin B12  15mcg
Vitamin D3   10mcg
Zinc 15mg
Potassium  4mg
Magnesium  1mg
Manganese 1mg
Calcium 1mg
Boron 500mcg
Copper 300mcg
Iodine  150mcg
Chromium  60mcg
Selenium   14mcg
Molybdenum  40mcg
Organic Ashwagandha Root 15mg
Organic Eleuthero Root 15mg
Organic Astragalus Root 13mg
Organic Ginkgo Leaf 10mg
Organic Hawthorn Fruit 8mg
Organic Schisandra Fruit  5mg
Organic Dandelion Leaf & Root 4mg
Organic Nettle Leaf 4mg
Organic Turmeric Root 4mg
Organic Ginger Root 3mg
Organic Oregano Leaf 2mg
Organic Shiitake Mushroom 2mg

Take 1 tablet per day with food. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications.

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