KidStar Nutrients StarMulti Multinutrient Space Berry 60 Chewable Tablets

kidstar nutrients


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Vitamins and minerals are an essential part of a developing child 's health. It is not possible for children to get the amount of nutrients they need for optimal growth and development from food alone. KidStar StarMulti will help to fill in the nutritional gaps in your child 's diet. StarMulti is designed specifically for growing children.


  • Helps to build strong bones and teeth
  • May help to prevent bone loss/osteoporosis
  • Vitamins and minerals are a factor in growth and development
  • Source of vitamin A to help maintain eyesight and night vision
  • Helps to support heart and immune function


Children 3 years and older chew 1-2 tablets daily. Take with food and a few hours away from medications.

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