Natural Calm Magnesium Chloride GEL with Lavender 237ml

Natural Calm


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Pure Magnesium-Rich Sea Minerals for Topical Use

  • Relaxes tense muscles
  • Eases aches and pains
  • Softens and smooths skin
  • Helps with restless legs
  • Treats magnesium deficiency
  • Highly absorbable

Magnesium Chloride Gel is a form of topical magnesium chloride that is absorbed quickly through the skin, delivering magnesium directly to cells.

Provides measurable relief from muscle tension, spasms, cramps, aches and pains – and it softens skin!

Use Magnesium Chloride Gel at your massage therapy session, after a workout, a long day hunched over a desk – or anytime you experience symptoms of magnesium deficiency. To relieve intense muscle pain, make a compress by rubbing the gel into the affected area and covering with a wet, hot towel. Allow the heat to drive the magnesium into the muscles. Repeat as desired.

Each ml contains:

Magnesium chloride, Amigel™, lavender oil, ethyl alcohol. Each 1 ml of gel contains 225 mg of magnesium chloride, equivalent to 60 mg of elemental magnesium.


Massage up to 5ml (1tsp) on areas of tension.
Rinse after a few minutes, if desired.

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