Naturiste Cure 1, 7 Day Bowel Cleanse 7 Vials



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Cure 1 is a cleansing treatment, of high quality, which acts in depth and gently. Cascara Sagrada, the medicinal plant that makes up Cure 1 has been carefully selected to activate the purifying power of the body, allowing cleansing of the intestines.

The intestines play an extremely important role in the digestion and assimilation of nutrients. If elimination is reduced below optimal levels, toxins and other harmful substances build up in the body and can lead to auto-poisoning with its many unwanted and unhealthy side effects.

Our body is well equipped with organs that perform the functions of permanently eliminating any unwanted surplus. But when these functions are overwhelmed by excesses or other factors, our body cannot eliminate all the toxins and therefore we store residual deposits. Effective cleansing of the body begins with detoxification and unblocking of the stomach and intestines and should be followed by cleansing of the other organs of the digestive system as well as the urinary system.

Traditionally used in herbal medicine as a stimulating laxative;

Relieves occasional constipation;

Promotes intestinal transit by direct action on the large intestine.

Each ml contains:
3.37ml aqueous extract of Cascara Sagrada

Oral adult: 1 ampoule, once a day. Mix in a glass of water or juice.

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