North American Herb & Spice Nail It 1oz

North American Herb& Spice


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NAIL-IT is a powerful and researched topical agent for nail beauty and health. Made of potent spice oils with proven antiseptic powers this is the ideal rub for the nails. This is the most aggressive natural complex for reversing fungal infections of the nails. Use as a rub twice daily. May also be taken simultaneously as sub-lingual drops. Get the extreme power of NAIL-IT for toenail and fingernail support. You’ll see the difference. Best used with Nail-IT capsules and/or OregaRESP. All these are highly potent for achieving the needed positive results.

Each ml contains:
Wild, organic aromatic spice oil blend and wild Mediterranean oregano oil

For beautiful, healthy nails rub vigorously into nail beds once or twice daily. To improve penetration remove any thickened or dead nail tissue or dead skin. For ideal results also use NAIL-IT capsules and OregaSoak foot soaking solution. 

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