Second Spring Organic Sproted Farro 454g

Second Spring


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Sprouted farro (also known as Emmer) is an ancient variety of wheat, but has its own distinct taste and texture. This hearty whole grain is an excellent source of protein and high in fibre. You may have seen farro somewhere recently as an up-and-coming trend, but it actually dates back to ancient Rome. It is still a staple in many parts of Europe, and farro risotto can be found on traditional menus across Italy. It has a delightfully chewy texture and nutty taste.

This farro has been through a slow soaking and sprouting period to aid in digestion, reduce cook time, and enhance its taste and texture. Soaking farro overnight is often recommended to reduce its cook time, but sprouted farro doesn’t require this step. Like other grains, it cooks by simply boiling in water.

It has a delightfully chewy texture and nutty taste that’s perfect in salads, side dishes and grain bowls. It’s heartiness means it never goes soggy when added to soups and and stews, and it also makes a great risotto. It can be swapped 1:1 for unsprouted farro, or as a substitute for other whole grains like rice or quinoa. 

Each gram contains:
Organic Sprouted Farro (Emmer)

Cook Time: 30-40 minutes

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