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MacaPro® SX® is an innovative product that uses the powerful formula of our exclusive MacaPro® Raw Gelatinized Powder 6:1, with the addition of four aphrodisiac herbs from the Amazon of Peru, well known for its effects on men and women. The product is made in a 6:1 ratio of concentration with an exclusive “radical infusion process” to increase the potency of the base product and enhance the aphrodisiac properties of the Amazon herbs and roots used in this formulation. Taking our 7Roots® as a guideline (our 7 Roots extract was based on the famous “Panty Breaker” from Peru – please see attached), we worked around the main compounds and concentrate them in the right proportion to achieve a spectacular super concentrated compound that when added to the maca creates an impressive effect… an improved and more effective version of the traditional “Panty Breaker” of the Amazon of Peru - Chuchuwasi, Para Para (Up Up), Clavo Huasca (Wild Clove or Clovevine) and Iporuru, were the herbs and roots selected based on historical and traditional use.

The product is really a blast and promises quick and effective results for sex drive, libido and performance for both, men and women.

About the Ingredients Base
Maca (80% black, 15% purple and 5% yellow) – Concentration 6:1 Infusion
Chuchuwasi (1)
Para Para (2)
Clavo Huasca (3)
Iporuru (4)

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