Uhtco Peruvian Fine Maras Salt 500g



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Gourmet fine cooking salt. Inexplicably, since pre-Inca times, a very precious salt full of trace minerals has been flowing through the local subterranean streams found within the mountains of Maras (Moray) in the Sacred Valley of Cusco. The salty water stream is led into the Maras Terrace Ponds located over 13,000 feet above sea level, where it evaporates and dries naturally with sunlight. The processes of guiding the salty water stream, as well as the collection of the salt are all hand crafted. Unlike other salts out there, there are no additives used (i.e. iodine, anticaking agents, etc). Peruvian Harvest Maras Pink Salt is truly a gourmet salt that will enhance the flavour of your food thanks to its very unique array of trace minerals.

Each gram contains:
Select Ingredients: Maras Pink Salt.

Food preparation or confectionery.

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