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Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

The spring and summer months are meant to be enjoyed outdoors. There are many hiking trails to discover, a lot of outdoor sports to be played, and relaxing poolside while you bask in the sun. For some of us, spring and summer mean avoiding nature at all costs while we dust our houses with hazmat suits on. We want to enjoy going outside, but sneezing every few seconds and having itchy eyes prevent us from truly experiencing a good time outdoors. If you are tired of relying on over the counter pills to combat your seasonal allergies, try these five natural allergy relief remedies.

Nasal sprays

There are many natural nasal sprays you can find in stores, or you can make your own! If you want to make your own, and you have a Neti Pot, all you need to do is dissolve 1 teaspoon of sea salt into about a litre of distilled water that has been boiled. Cool the water completely, then put it into your Neti Pot and use it according to its instructions.

Nettle Leaves

Nettle leaves are a great natural antihistamine that you can take in pill form, or make tea out of it to combat your allergies. If you make a tea with it, include your favorite flavored leaf to create a smoother, refreshing tasting tea. You can also buy capsules at any natural vitamin store or supplier. Capsules will have a longer lasting effect, but it won’t taste as good as your tea!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Not only is apple cider vinegar good for improving cholesterol, reducing blood pressure, and relieving acid reflux, it’s also great for relieving seasonal allergies. Find organic apple cider vinegar and mix a teaspoon of it into a glass of water. Drink that about three times a day to help relieve your itchy eyes, scratchy throat, and stuffed up nose.

Natural Honey

Although there isn’t a lot of scientific proof that says honey relieves allergies, there are a lot of anecdotal stories from people who say it works. Whether it’s the placebo effect or not, as long as it works, why question it? The best way to get allergy relieving results is to find honey that was farmed locally to you. They say eating honey from where you live allows you to adapt to the allergens from your local environment. If you start eating a teaspoon of honey a day one month before your allergy season starts, you may help prevent allergy symptoms from arising.


Highly fermented foods like eggs, meat, and yogurt contain a lot of probiotics. If you incorporate those foods into your diet, you may combat your allergies. There have been studies that show healthy bacteria (such as probiotics) in your gut can reduce allergy attacks. Always use natural and organic foods when looking for probiotics, some companies may exaggerate their use of probiotics in their products.

Get outside this allergy season and enjoy yourself, don’t let your allergies hold you back any longer!