About Us

 Our Commitment & History since 1994


At 12 Baskets Nutrition & Health Co., you and your family's wellness and well being are our top priority. We have been dedicated to enriching the quality of life for our customers, community and environment for well over 20 years. Our success is grounded by our passion for nature and our commitment to bringing its healing effects to you.

Our story starts with our founder Jimmy Liu. His respect for nature's herbal remedies encouraged him to launch his first small retail store in the heart of Richmond British Columbia. Jimmy's understanding of medicinal ingredients and his devotion to enriching health and wellness began as a child. His family operated a local pharmacy in the city of Taichung, Taiwan. This is where he began to build his knowledge on medicines and its effects on human health. His eagerness led him to study pharmacy and through years of medical training, Jimmy received a Masters Degree in Pharmacy. As an experienced pharmacist he began to discover flaws and negative side effects of many prescription drugs.

During this time Jimmy drove his focus on the research and development of natural treatments. He found ample health benefits from the intake of natural remedies. Unlike conventional drugs, natural supplements support the body's own immune system to fight against and prevent the development of diseases. Jimmy left behind his extensive 10 year pharmaceutical profession to further pursue his belief in nutritional science. Today Jimmy continues to promote the amazing health benefits associated with natural ingredients.

Since introducing our first retail store in 1994, we have expanded into other locations over the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and are now also recognized as a trusted Canadian Retailer for natural health supplements and products. We continue our journey as a major contributor to providing our customers with an exciting selection of health products from supplements to skin care at fantastically low prices! We continue to empower our customers with knowledge so they are able to make educated choices. We are here to help you begin and continue your new holistic journey towards health and happiness.

"I have dedicated all my knowledge and research towards improving human health through natural alternatives. My greatest goal is to open an accessible avenue for health supplements so that everyone can benefit from all of nature's gifts and find health and happiness in all they do."
~Jimmy Liu, Founder