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PEAK PF Curcumin III BDMC50 300 Caps

PEAK PF Curcumin III BDMC50 300 Caps

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CURCUMIN III™ should be considered as a core treatment for many medical conditions due to it's broad spectrum applications. It is potent antioxidant, an inflammatory/immune modulator, an anti-microbial and in general is indicated in many condition-specific disorders listed in research section.

CURCUMIN III™ has both Standard Curcumin and augmented levels of bisdemethoxycurcumin (BDMC). This provides for three therapeutic considerations when prescribing: as a source of Standard Curcumin, a source of BDMC, or both. Because the Curcumin BDMC50™ technology is patented, there is no other curcumin product on the market that gives you this flexibility, making it is very important therapeutic tool for your patients health.


Each capsule contains:  
Turmeric (root) standardized extract (Curcuma longa) [95% curcuminoids] 190 mg
Curcuminoids (Curcuma longa) [97% bisdemethoxycurcumin/BDMC] 187 mg

Non-medicinal Ingredients: N/A



Maintenance: 1-2 capsules all at once or divided dosage with food.
Acute: 2 capsules for several days then titrate down as symptoms improve.
Cancer Therapy: 5 capsules or spread out. Evaluate every 3 months.

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