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AOR Probiotic-3 90 Capsules

AOR Probiotic-3 90 Capsules

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Probiotic-3’s unique symbiotic formula combines three human strains that have been clinically studied in more than 40 human studies. It is stable at room temperature and is highly resistant to bile and gastric acids. Additionally, this formula has 60 years of use in hospitals and pharmacies throughout Asia. Each strain was carefully chosen to ensure synergy and safety with the others.

  • The only formula that has unique probiotics as well as supporting strains to increase colonization and effectiveness
  • Naturally produces short chain fatty acids like butyrate and propionate
  • Can promote a diverse and healthy gut flora
  • Shelf stable and highly resistant against bile acids



Each capsule contains:  
Enterococcus faecium T-110 18 million CFU ‡
Clostridium butyricum TO-A 0.6 million CFU ‡
Bacillus subtilis TO-A 0.6 million CFU ‡
†Colony forming units

Non-medicinal ingredients*: Lactose, potato starch, polyvinyl alcohol providone and dextrin. Capsule: hypromellose.



Take two to three capsules daily with or without food, or as directed by a qualified health care practitioner. Take at least two to three hours before or after taking antibiotics.

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