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DermaMed Nutrition for Troubled Skin 60 Softgels

DermaMed Nutrition for Troubled Skin 60 Softgels

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DermaMed Nutrition for Troubled Skin is a daily nutritional supplement derived from 100% non-GMO organic food sources which:

  • is specially formulated to treat skin conditions including acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and hives
  • uses a balanced and synergistic combination of vitamins, trace minerals and essential fatty acids
  • work to maintain and restore healthy skin
  • has soft gel caps made from 100% organic vegetable gelatin



Each soft gel capsule contains:

Evening Primrose Oil  500mg
Wheat Germ Oil  100mg
Flax Seed Oil   100mg
Say Oil   20mg
Barage Oil   80mg
Vitamin A  150IU
Vitamin B1   20mg
Vitamin B6   20mg
Folic Acid   150mcg
Vitamin C  30mg
Vitamin E   200IU
Vitamin D  150IU
Niocin    3mg
Magnesium  50mg
Copper   1mg
Zinc   10mg
Selenium   20mcg
72 Trace Minerals   40mg
Lemon Bioflavonoids   40mg
Lecithin    100mg


For the best results take 1 Capsule with meal and plenty of water 2 times daily.

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