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Enoch Squalene 1000mg 300 Softgels

Enoch Squalene 1000mg 300 Softgels

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Enoch's Squalene provides significant antioxidant benefits to support cellular, immune and skin health. Squalene is a naturally occurring fatty compound produced by the human body and is found in a number of vegetables as well as shark's liver, where concentration is extremely high.

Squalene has been proposed to play a critical role in the prevention of cancer. Studies suggest the mechanisms involved include inhibiting carcinogenic and oxidative activities. It also plays a versatile role in reducing free radical damage, a source of disease including tumor growth.

Squalene increases oxygen transport to cells throughout the body which may be useful in detoxification and protecting tissues from exposure to pollutants and toxic chemicals. An abundant flow of oxygen strengthens the immune system and improves circulation. It's oxygenating and antioxidant properties are beneficial for numerous skin conditions and can also be used to maintain youthful skin.

  • powerful antioxidant
  • increases oxygen transport
  • improves circulation
  • supports cellular, immune and skin health



Each softgel contains:  
Squalene 1000mg

Non-medicinal ingredients: Gelatin, glycerin, vanilla flavour and purified water.


Adults take1 softgel, 1 time per day.

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