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Apiario Silvestre

Apiario Silvestre Brazilian Green Propolis 30ml

Apiario Silvestre Brazilian Green Propolis 30ml

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Extracted solely from Class A green propolis raw material collected in the unpolluted Brazil Minas Gerais area with patented technology in a SGS-GMP SGS-HACCP facility. USA national library of Medicine (Pubmed) has research papers for propolis in the areas of immunity enhancement, antibiotic activity, blood vessel improvement, strong antioxidant, radiotherapy & chemotherapy outcome improvement, protection on liver, anti-inflammatory anti-allergy, etc. This product has FDA Registration No. 10328566522

Each ml contains:
Propolis (250mg/ml)

Internal Use: Dilute propolis into 100 ml of water and drink before meals. 15-40 drops each time, 2-3 times a day.
External Use: Apply 3-5 drops of propolis onto intended area.

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