Harmonic Arts 5 Mushroom Chocolate Elixir Blend 160g

harmonic arts


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Cozy up with a smooth, full-bodied hot cocoa, packed with 5 nourishing mushrooms. Made with quality heirloom cocoa, this warm drink is meant to be as deeply restorative as it is flavourful.

How to Make: 1 TB (8g) ELIXIR BLEND + 1 TSP COCONUT OIL + 8oz HOT WATER, TEA OR NUT MYLK. Combine in blender, makes 1 serving.

Ingredients: *Raw Cacao Powder, *Coconut Sugar, *5 Mushroom Dual Extract Powder (Reishi Extract, Cordyceps Extract, Turkey Tail Extract, Chaga Extract, Lion's Mane Extract)