Naka Plat Organic Black Seed Oil 125ml

Naka Platinum


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Organic Black Seed oil is a source of Linoleic Acid (LA) for the maintenance of good health.  Benefits:

  • Hydrates hair
  • reduces the incidence of acne
  • softens skin
  • Reduces the incidence of psoriasis plaques
  • reduces high blood pressure
  • reduces asthma symptoms
  • improves rheumatoid arthritis symptoms
  • improves wound healing
  • reduces stomach upset



Each Serving 2.5ml contains:   
Virgin organic black cumin oil  2300mg

Non-medicinal Ingredients: None. (contains no added gluten, preservatives, colour or sweetener, etc.)



Adults: Take 1 serving (1/2 teaspoon), 2 times daily. Take with food /meal.

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