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Natren Pro Superdophilus D/F 90 Capsules Step 1 *

Natren Pro Superdophilus D/F 90 Capsules Step 1 *

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SUPERDOPHILUS is Step 1 in Natren’s three-step custom probiotic layering system. It can be used in conjunction with Step 2 BIFIDONATE® and Step 3 BULGARICUM®. The three-step system is an excellent way to introduce probiotics or target specific areas of the digestive tract.


Lactobacillus acidophilus is a beneficial microorganism predominant in the small intestine of adults and older children. L. acidophilus can help maintain healthy intestinal flora, aid digestion and absorption. It is also a resident organism in the oral cavity, the vaginal tract and part of the urinary system.


Minimum of 2 billion colony forming units (cfu) of live, active Lactobacillus acidophilus NAS super strain per serving guaranteed through the printed expiration date, if kept dry and refrigerated.


  • Helps destroy invading hostile bacteria by producing natural antibiotic substances.
  • Produces hydrogen peroxide (H202) found necessary to inhibit vaginal yeast.
  • As an antimicrobial, may suppress undesirable microorganisms in the intestines, by some competitive means, e.g., production of lactic acid and other inhibitory substances.
  • May help reduce levels of potentially harmful bacterial enzyme activity in the large intestine.
  • Helps lessen the production of hostile yeasts.
  • Helps maintain and support a healthy immune system.
  • Produces the enzyme lactase, responsible for digestion of the milk sugar lactose.
  • May help maintain normal healthy cholesterol levels.
  • An additional in vitro study showed, L. acidophilus, NAS Super Strain exhibited antimicrobial activity against H. pylori.
  • The NAS Super Strain also has proven ability to secrete a diverse array of bacteriocins.
  • Bacteriocins are a group of peptides or proteins that have natural antimicrobial activity, thereby eliciting additional probiotic benefits.



Lactobacillus acidophilus NAS super strain, cellulose powder, dehydrated potato powder, organic garbanzo bean (chick-pea) extract, vegetable capsules (hypromellose) and L-leucine.



Take one capsule daily with 6 oz. unchilled, filtered (chlorine-free) water, preferably before meals. Take at least two hours after herbs, garlic and prescription drugs. Do not give to children under eight years of age or to those who cannot swallow capsules.

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