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Platinum Easymulti 60+ for Women 60 Softgels

Platinum Easymulti 60+ for Women 60 Softgels

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Easymulti 60+ is more than just a multivitamin. It is a comprehensive formula that supports heart, joints, skin & eye health, blood glucose levels, immune function and energy production with potent antioxidants, curcumin, iron, iodine and healthy oils.

Healthy Aging
Protects your heart with CoQ10
Potent Antioxidants
Supports Joints, Skin & Eyes
Omega Absorb™ delivery system

Key Features
100 mg of CoQ10, 50 mg of Resveratrol, and Grape Seed Extract are potent antioxidants that help protect healthy cells from oxidative damage caused by free radicals.
80 mg of Curcumin, the active compound in Turmeric, contains anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce pain and inflammation in the body.
20 mg of Hyaluronic Acid to help maintain healthy bones, hair, skin & nails.
150 mcg of Iodine to support the function of the thyroid gland. Adults 60+ are recommended to reduce salt intake due to the risk of high blood pressure, stroke & kidney disease, which may lead to iodine deficiency.
8 mg of iron to help with iron deficiency anemia commonly known to cause tiredness and shortness of breath.
280 mg of Borage Seed Oil supports hormonal imbalances and helps lower cholesterol.

Omega Absorb™

Through the power of healthy oils, our award-winning delivery system allows our bodies to absorb the nutrients it needs to improve our health and achieve our wellness goals.


Supplement Facts:

Medicinal Ingredients

2 capsules contain:  
Vitamin/e A (Palmitate).. 302 mcg/1000 IU
Vitamin/e D3 (Cholecalciferol / Cholecalciferol) 25 mcg/1000 IU
Vitamin/e C (Ascorbic Acid / Acide ascorbique) 60mg
Vitamin/e E (d-alpha Tocopheryl acetate / Acétate de d-alpha tocopheryle) 13.2 mg/20 IU
Vitamin/e B1..... (Thiamine hydrochloride / Chlorhydrate de thiamine) 1.1mg
Vitamin/e B2 (Riboflavin / Riboflavine) 1.1mg
Vitamin/e B6 (Pyridoxine hydrochloride/ Chlorhydrate de pyridoxine) 3mg
Vitamin/e B12 (Methylcobalamin / Méthylcobalamine) 100 mcg
Niacinamide 14mg
Pantothenic Acid (Calcium-d-Pantothenate) / Acide pantothénique (Pantothenate de calcium) 5mg
Folate (Folic acid / Acide folique) 400 mcg
Biotin Biotine 30mcg
Iron (Bisglycinate / Bisglycinate) 8mg
lodine (Potassium iodide) lode (iodure de potassium) 0.15mg
Copper (Cupric citrate) / Cuivre (citrate cuprique) 1mg
Magnesium (Glycinate) / Magnésium (glycinate) 5mg
Zinc (Citrate) 6mg
Manganese (Citrate) / Manganèse (citrate) 1.8mg
Chromium (Nicotinate glycinate) / (Glycinate de nicotinate) 15mcg
Selenium (HVP chelate) / Sélénium (chélate de PVH) 25mcg
Choline (Bitartrate) 5 mg
Inositol 5 mg
Nutraceuticals / Nutraceutiques :  
Curcumin (Curcuma longa), root / racine 80mg
CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) 100mg
Grape Seed Extract (Vitis vinifera),. 85% Proanthocyanidins / Extrait de pépins de raisins, 85% proanthocyanidines 50mg
Resveratrol / Resveratrol 50mg
Hyaluronic acid/ Acide hyaluronique. 20mg
Omega Oils / Huiles oméga:  
Borage Seed Oil (Borago officinalis), Huile de pépins de bourrache .280 mg

Non-Medicinal Ingredients

Grape seed oil, peppermint oil, candelilla wax. Capsule


Hypromellose, chlorophyll.

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