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Prairie Naturals

Prairie Naturals Bone Broth Grass Fed Organic Beef 300g

Prairie Naturals Bone Broth Grass Fed Organic Beef 300g

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  • Sourced From North American beef or chicken with USDA-inspected bones
  • Minimally processed and spray-dried
  • Antibiotic-free
  • Dairy free, Paleo friendly
  • Low sodium

Why Prairie Naturals Bone Broth Powder?

Bone broth powder offers a simple and delicious means of obtaining the nutrition of bone broth without the time-consuming effort of finding organic bones and making the broth. Bone broth contains proline and glycine which helps our body to build connective tissue. This includes ligaments and tendons which support our joint capsules strengthening our articular capsule and produce more synovial fluid. All the benefits of homemade bone broth in powdered form. Prairie Naturals Bone Broth is dairy-free, non-GMO, Paleo-friendly, gluten-free with no MSG or preservatives.

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