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Prospek Glasses Anti-Blue 50% Blue Light Blocking Dynamic

Prospek Glasses Anti-Blue 50% Blue Light Blocking Dynamic

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DYNAMIC Low Blue Light Glasses are the Only PROFESSIONAL LOOKING & 3rd Party Tested Blue Blocking Glasses Designed to Allow Brilliant Color & Clarity to Shine Through While Blocking the Optimal 50% of Harmful Blue Light When You Decide to Use Your Computer, iPad, Laptop, Tablet, Cell Phone or PC Gaming Equipment at Night, Plus They are:

UV Light Blocking to Protect Your Eyes from 100% of UVA and 100% of UVB Light

Anti-Scratch Coated: The Scratch Resistant Coating on These Blue Light Blocking Glasses Means They Perform The Way You Need Longer

Anti-Reflective Coated: Most Blue Blocking Glasses Diminish the Light Your Eyes Receive, Causing Eye Strain. We Use Micro-Thin Anti-Reflection Coating So Less Light is Lost, Improving Your Eyes Processing Efficiency and Relieving Fatigue

Anti-Screen Flicker Coated: Protects Your Nervous System from Screen Flicker Overload; the Most Common Cause of PC Monitor, PC Gamer & TV Induced Headaches

Anti-Glare Coated: Better than an Anti Glare Screen Protector, These Low Blue Light Glasses Alleviate the Eye Strain and Headaches Caused By Device Glare

Anti-Fog Coated: Unlike Our Competitors Glasses, Our Blue Blocking Glasses Won’t Fog Up During Unpredictable Temperature or Moisture Changes, Providing Clear Vision Indoors and Out

Fingerprint Resistant Anti-Oil Coated: Because No One Likes to Put on Their Low Blue Light Glasses & See Smudges When You Want to See the Picture

Plus You’ll Get the Extra Added Protection Only Electromagnetic Ray Blocking Glasses Can Provide from the Rays Medical Studies Link to Eye Cancer & Cataracts

Just because you work best at night or simply have to stare at a screen for hours to get work done doesn’t mean you have to live life looking through a yellow filter! Get the Low Blue Light Glasses that block out the optimal 50% of blue light while maintaining color & clarity when you add these Blue Blocking Glasses to your cart and checkout now.

Gender: Unisex
Case and cleaning cloth are included.

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