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Tanit Tanitabs Glass Mirror Cleaner Unscented Tab (1 soluble tablet 4g)

Tanit Tanitabs Glass Mirror Cleaner Unscented Tab (1 soluble tablet 4g)

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REVOLUBAR is a sustainable, eco-friendly, and economical cleaning solution for the entire home. Compressed into nothing but active, all-natural ingredients, these small tablets dissolve to create 500 mL of powerful cleaner in refillable glass spray bottles.

Buy lightweight refill tablets in 100% compostable pouches to stop plastic waste at the source, and use the REVOLUBAR glass spray bottle with cork sleeve again and again.

✔ NO VOCs, parabens, phthalates, or ammonia
✔ NO artificial fragrances or colours

STEP 1. Pour hot water into the REVOLUBAR reusable bottle.
STEP 2. Add one tablet and let it dissolve completely.
STEP 3. Shake lightly before each use.

Ideal for mirrors and windows.
> Cleans glossy surfaces gently thanks to its efferverscent effect, without leaving any trace.
> Compounds sourced from Coconut oil and natural extracts work together to leave surfaces bright. They act quickly to lift sticky residues and eliminate fingerprints, for a perfect brilliant finish.

Each year, household cleaning supplies produce millions of tonnes of plastic waste because of their
They also generate significant greenhouse emissions because cleaners made with added water (up to 95% of
their composition) are heavy and bulky to transport.
REVOLUBAR was specifically created to fight plastic waste and reduce CO2 emissions. They come in 100%
compostable pouches, making them both eco-friendly and extremely compact and lightweight.
We are proud to offer a product that generates 100 times fewer transport emissions while simultaneously eliminating plastic production at the source.

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