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Tints of Nature

Tints of Nature 6TF Dark Toffee Blonde 130ml

Tints of Nature 6TF Dark Toffee Blonde 130ml

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Tints of Nature is a highly effective permanent home hair coloring kit made with up to 60% certified organic ingredients. Free from ammonia, resorcinol and parabens, and with the lowest possible level of PPDs, Tints of Nature is the gentler way to color your hair. Covers up to 100% grey.

Long lasting permanent hair color with a blend of organic ingredients to enhance, protect and moisture.

Each set contains:
Clarifying Shampoo (10 ml/0.35 fl oz), Plastic Gloves, Developing Cap, Easy to Follow Instruction Leaflet, Color Gel (50 ml/1.76 fl oz), Colorfix (50 ml/1.76 fl oz), Shampoo (10 ml/0.35 fl oz), Conditioner (10 ml/0.35 fl oz). Mix equal amounts of Color Gel and Colorfix, i.e. mixing ratio of 1:1.

The colors portrayed on the box are an indication of the likely outcome. The actual result may vary depending on the color and condition of your hair. Therefore, prior to a full application, we recommend that a strand test be conducted.

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